Thursday, January 15, 2009

2008 pt. 2

Episode 2 sponsored by this late christmas message

Beck - Chemtrails (spooky & Pink Floydy from the album Modern Guilt produced by Dangermouse. get it here)

Black Keys - Psychotic Girl (Bluesy Akron Ohio duo. From the album Attack & Release produced by Dangermouse. Get it here)


I don't know anything about this band, but I think you'll dig this video
Bodies of Water - Under the Pines

Another EDIT

B Real from Cypress Hill Is dropping a new joint next month called Smoke & Mirrors. Check out this jam, "Fire" with Damian Marley. Sick. Check it out here

...sorry Dave, a lot of the websites I go to are not working right now. I'll try to get more up here later...


Black Giraffe said...

YO! that fucking rite - Go Tell It On The Mountain. thats the best haha

Blueberry said...

That's right kid - check out that bassline!