Friday, January 16, 2009

Episode 3 sponsored by this couple.

I know at this point these 2008 posts having less and less to do with 2008, but I like themes, so I'm sticking with it.

Few people know this, but Chris sang back-up vocals on the chorus to this song:
T-Rex - Children of the Revolution

After reading the Flow Circus site, I saw P & D had been to Black Mountain, which reminded me of another band I've been digging in 2008....Black Mountain!

Black Mountain - Angels

(get it here)

Bob Dylan - No Direction, Period.

Something truely friggin awesome:
Bob Dylan - Blind Willie McTell
(get it here)


Paul Miller said...
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Paul Miller said...

Love that move at 1:51 on the T-Rex video. Totally going to cop that belt and move for my show...

Black Giraffe said...

Black Mountain such a sick band

Chris B. said...

I ended buying that yellow shirt.