Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back in the Saddle

(I am hoping) Today marks my official start into the world of blogging on a regular basis. I have nothing original to be promoting/ exposing, so for the time being I'll just be posting some shit I've been digging lately. This does of course bring up the question of why would I want to do this in the first place if I'm in a creative black-hole like I've been for the past couple of years. Well, maybe by talking about some of the stuff I think is cool, it'll jump-start my own juices.
I have been really inspired by other blogs lately, and have found out about a lot of cool shit. Hopefully if you've found me, I can do the same for you...

Aerosmith - Back in the Saddle

1 comment:

davidstoupakis said...

So happy you have this blog up. I am so looking forward to it