Sunday, September 21, 2008

Copyright Infringement

Well I received my first "copyright infringement" email from (the site I use for hosting). Apparently the forces that be got their panties in a bunch when they noticed that I was sharing "Feel Good Inc" by the Gorillaz and "Fabulous Disaster" by Exodus. Pretty wild seeing as how my blog is only about 2 weeks old and there are only like 3 people who read it. It makes me think of how much money they are spending searching for evil infringers like myself. Money that could be going to the underpaid artists who they claim to be 'protecting.' Especially Exodus- I mean seriously, they were never super-popular even in their hey-day 20 years ago. They should be psyched that I'm giving them exposure in this day and age. And I had 2 other songs up by them at the time, but I guess I wasn't infringing hard enough on them. I'm a poor infringer.
And the Gorillaz are goddamn cartoons- who do they have judging my infringdom...Harvey Birdman?
This does sort of explain my disappearing posts earlier this week, although the emails were from and not blogspot. Apparently they're in cahoots.
I love that word..."cahoots."

Eric Idle - The FCC Song

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Jill said...

Gotta love that whole line of bullshit. Might I suggest some quality indie stuff? (Or entice you to podcast some indie music, you'd be perfect!!)

My favorite anti-RIAA/MPAA song- Fuck the MPAA by the Futuristic Sex Robots...