Monday, September 8, 2008

My Shit's Fucked Up

Well I was hoping to put a couple samples from the rifftastic new Metallica album, Death Magnetic, but I'm having some hosting problems. (Sorry Dave). But let me assure you that it truly harks back to the glory days of Metallica. It may not be as good or classic as say Kill 'em All, Lightning, Puppets or Justice, but the sound and energy (and speed) is as close as they've gotten in 20 years. (Holy crap it's weird to imagine that Metallica has been around for 20 years, let alone that they haven't been very good in 20 I'm getting old). As I had hoped, super-producer Rick Rubin has has brought out the best in them, like he has for countless others like the Chili Peppers, Slayer, Danzig, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, System of a Down, Run DMC etc etc etc. (Rubin will also be doing the new albums from U2 and ZZ Top which I'm psyched to hear).

related: Tom Brady's shit's fucked up, which doesn't bode well for the Patriots this year. Personally I'm pretty worried he'll be out for the season. It's pretty ironic that this week was the first week in 5 years that he wasn't listed probable on the Pat's injured list.

Warren Zevon - My Shit's Fucked Up


davidstoupakis said...

thanks so much brother for trying to get it to me. The stuff Im hearing on line, its growing on me, Im getting my DEATH on.

Some new shit Im loving, the new Overcast - Reborn To Kill Again
(they only have one new song up but the album is fucking amazing and there a Boston band)

Aprella just turned me on to Brandi Carlile - The Story, Im digging it.

you GUT! to check out the new Haunted song cant wait for the new album “versus”. The song is “moronic colossus” crank that shit!
one of the best metal bands out there today



davidstoupakis said...

One more thing. I picked up Harpoon IPA tonight, its been a looooooong time. Making me think of 8Russell or…… band practice hahaha

Chris B. said...

Hola Muchacho,

Speaking of the great Rick Rubin, he produced an album in 2003 by a band with the lead singer for Slipnot in it called To My Surprise (band and album) Here is a link to a super cool freaky deaky animated video of one of the band's songs. Both the video and the song rock me like a hurricane. Check it out yo!!! Thanks to for posting the awesome in that'ssofuckinawesome.